August Antics

Ah August. A beautiful time to be in Xingyi, and a beautiful way to start my second year as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Swim Friends!

New friends emerge at the local pool. I met this boy and his 2 swimmin’ buds at the pool and have been hanging out talking swim technique and English ever since. The aunt of this little boy is a volunteer at a local elementary school teaching manners…a finishing school of sorts. She has asked me to come and speak about cultural differences concerning eating and speaking 


  Me and the English family that also live in Xingyi go for an August swim. Jemimah and Kezia love the water.

Danny and the Gang

August marks the beginning of a new school year, which means… WELCOME FRESHMAN! Our wonderful English set up a welcoming booth for the incoming students giving them the dirt on the department and how to succeed. SO fun to walk by and see how excited they are to share their experiences with others.



A late afternoon run in the country side turns fun boat adventure. While running in the near by bui village, I was stopped by my new friends I met at the pool. They invited me for lunch after my run and a boating excursion on Wang Feng lake. So fun and so unexpected!


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